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Introducing Pathfinder Career Services

We believe that work should be fulfilling and meaningful. One of the great tragedies of our time is that people trudge through their work week only to be too exhausted to relax on their day off. We don't want this to happen to you.

We believe that every person has been given skills and abilities and it is their destiny to manifest those abilities to benefit of themselves and the world.

Our Mission

To assist people on their career path to find,
meaningful, dignified, satisfying careers,
that flow authentically from the core of their being.

Kim Voyle, Ph.D.

Kim has over twenty years of experience in personnel management. She has a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Leadership and has her Ph.D. in Career Psychology. Her dissertation was entitled The Path of Vocation: Women's Career Transitions in Middle Adulthood. It examined the motivation and processes by which women chose to change from a secular occupation and become ordained Episcopal clergy.

Kim has developed hiring procedures and employment tests, including managerial assessment centers, analyzed a wide variety of jobs, and consulted to line managers on personnel issues. For the last several years, she has conducted training in job search processes, team building, career development, and preparing for the future work place.

Kim is a national certified career counselor and is the director of Path Finder Career Services which provides career coaching and personnel consulting services. Kim's research interests are career change, career transition, adult development, self-efficacy, self-actualization, and women's issues.

Along with her husband Rob, an Episcopal priest and Executive Coach, Kim co-authored Assessing Skills and Discerning Calls a comprehensive Search Manual to assist congregations and clergy in their search process and Core Elements of the Appreciative Way an introduction to appreciative inquiry. Rob is the director of the Clergy Leadership Institute which provides extensive training and coaching in Appreciative Inquiry based leadership development.

Why Tigers?

One of the great concerns in Kim's life is the preservation of the worlds wildlife and especially endangered species. In the midst of this concern is a great love of cats and especially the Amur Snow tigers which she gets to care for as a volunteer at the Portland Zoo.

One of the things that tigers do exceptionally well, is be tigers. Unlike humans they didn't have to learn to be tigers like we have to learn to be human, and especially our unique brand of being human. And tigers do tiger very well. They can be fierce, passionate, and playful and when all is done sleep contentedly. Finding meaningful work that authentically flows from the core of being, is finding what the tiger already knows. When we find that authentic work that allows us to express our competence in the world we have that same fierceness, passion and playfulness of the tiger and at the end of the day we can lay down and sleep contentedly.

A Blessing for Your Career Path

The God of Abraham and Sarah lead you on your purpose
and scatter the darkness from your path.
And grant you grace to see yourself as God sees you.
Grace to risk something big for something good.
And grace to remember that the world is too dangerous
for anything but truth, too small for anything but love,
and just the right size for you and all your potential.

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